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Agistment (or livery) is the term used in the alpaca industry to describe “board and lodgings”.  For a small weekly fee we will look after your alpaca(s) at Woodbine Farm, providing all the necessary care and attention as we do with our own herd.

What is Agistment?

Why choose Agistment?

Whether you already own alpacas but have limited space or you are looking to purchase alpacas for the first time, an agistment arrangement could be just what you need.

Agistment can be a great option for people purchasing their first alpacas, but do not immediately have the adequate land of their own.  It can be a viable way of entering this emergent industry and as alpacas need to be kept in groups of at least three, provides you with a chance to start you ownership with just a single animal. Take a look at the vast range of alpacas we have for sale here at Woodbine Farm.

When leaving your alpacas with us you are welcome to visit and of course make any big decisions regarding your animals.  Agistment is ideal for you to learn the basic animal husbandry skills and experience handling your alpacas in the correct manner.

Watching over our herd

Enjoying the lush pasture

Daily feeding time

What is included?

We care for agisted animals as we do for our own.  Agistment includes unlimited grazing on our established  pastures along with all year access to hay and water supplies.  We will also provide a daily nutritional feed mix comprising of various nutrients, vitamins and minerals required for a healthy animal.  All routine care and basic husbandry such as nail clipping and routine vaccinations are also included.

What does it cost?

We charge £6.00 per week from April to September and £8.00 per week from October to March (extra charge over winter months to cover supplementary feed). Please contact us to discuss your individual needs and requirements.